Aldridge appointed to Council

By Kay Thompson
ONL Publisher

After the resignation of Bobby Massey from the Okemah City Council on June 13, the current council members had 60 days to appoint a new council member. At the June 26 meeting, the council decided to open up the spot to interested parties and to allow them time at the next regular council meeting to go through an interview process. They asked residents of Ward Three to contact City Manager Bert Robison if they were interested. At the council meeting on July 10, only one person was present to interview for the vacancy.
Loren Aldridge came forward for the interview process. Mayor Mike Fuller asked Aldridge to state three areas he felt the city needed to focus on. He believed increase in the outreach to people in the community would be helpful. Aldridge said he has been a resident of Okemah for eight years and managed the golf course for three years. He feels like an outsider looking in with fresh eyes. He would love to see the city grow and the clean up in progress is key to attracting new businesses and residents. Thirdly, he would like to make sure attractions such as the golf course are kept open and running as to make Okemah attractive to new business opportunities.
Councilman Anthony Landers made the motion to appoint Loren Aldridge as city councilman for Ward Three and Fuller seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous to nominate him and City Attorney Jack Cadenhead swore him in. Aldridge immediately assumed duties for Ward Three for the remainder of the meeting.

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