Okemah student attends okPORK’s Youth Leadership Camp

Rhett Taylor, a local high school student from Okemah, recently participated in okPORK’s Youth Leadership Camp from June 25-30.  The Youth Leadership Camp was designed to give a select group of high school students from across the state a greater understanding of Oklahoma’s pork industry.
“I knew the camp was going to be a lot about the commercial swine industry, but I didn’t know how in depth this experience really was,” Taylor said. “It was truly life changing.”
Taylor was chosen from a multitude of statewide applications for the opportunity to attend the camp after a successful interview with okPORK officials.  The 12 chosen candidates ranged in age from 15 to 18 and each represented a different region of Oklahoma.
“This was our 6th Youth Leadership Camp class but my first experience with YLC as an okPORK employee,” said Lindsay Tasos okPORK communications specialist. “I grew up on a show pig operation, just like most of our campers have and even though I oversaw the event, I still was able to learn about what farm to fork truly means.”
The camp included site visits throughout Oklahoma including stops in Stillwater, Ames, Guymon and Oklahoma City. Taylor and the other campers were fully immersed in all aspects of the regional pork industry.  From visiting farms, evaluating meat and participating in media training, participants had a first-hand look at each activity in the supply chain from farm to fork.
“From Ag in the Classroom to FFA support, okPORK is proud to participate in several activities that both strengthen education in Oklahoma and foster Oklahoma’s future agricultural leaders.  We know Wright and her fellow camp participants have bright futures ahead, and we are proud to have them as alumni of okPORK’s Youth Leadership Camp,” said Roy Lee Lindsey, okPORK’s executive director.
The okPORK Youth Leadership Camp is planned and hosted by okPORK with additional support from the OSU Animal Science Department, OSU Food and Ag Products Center, Seaboard Foods, Luthi Farms, Roberts Ranch of Oklahoma (HANOR), and Oklahoma Career Tech.

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