Sales tax revenue breaks the $100,000 threshold

ONL Staff Report

Sales tax receipts were again down in Okemah from the same time last year, yet from month-to-month, the numbers were up for November.
The November distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission primarily represents local tax receipts from September business. The monies reported during this period represent sales from Sept. 16 to Sept. 30 and estimated sales from Oct. 1 to Oct. 15.
For the month of November, Okemah was once again over the $100,000 mark after falling short in October. The state Tax Commission reported Okemah received $100,591.08 for November 2017, and while this is down from the $104, 658.96 collected in 2016, it is up  more than $8,400 from the previous month. In Use Tax collections, Okemah’s receipts were $5,553.02 for the month, down $1,907.18 from last year.
Okfuskee County’s sales tax collections for November also showed gains over the previous month. The county collected $117,105.24 this month compared to the $105,309.99 collected in October. This is the eleventh month the three-quarter cent sales tax increase to fund the new jail facility has been in effect. The county’s tax rate is 2 percent.
Sales tax revenue for Paden was again in the positive column this month. Paden’s collections were up almost $600 coming in at $12,753.29 for November. However in Weleetka the news was not as good.
Weleetka’s distribution of sales tax collections for the month showed a drop in revenue of just less than $10,000. Weleetka collected $13,761.18 in November 2017. This is down from the $23,755.91 in receipts collected one year ago.
Tax revenue collections for other towns in the county were as follows:
Boley- $3,472.05
Castle- $1,444.04
Clearview- $205.32

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