Haydonville family hit by car at Old Navy

A night out shopping in Oklahoma City ended horribly for a Haydonville family when things took an unexpected turn.
Police responded to an Old Navy clothing  store on Saturday night, March 3, after four people were injured after a Mitsubishi Eclipse crashed into the front of the store located off of Interstate 240.
Kenny Gates and his wife, Leasa, and daughter, Alyssa Brimer, were walking into the store when the three were struck from behind by a car. A fourth person, a pregnant woman Mr. Gates was holding the door open for, was also hit.
The Gates said the whole thing happened so fast, that when the dust cleared, they were on the ground in a sea of broken glass. Mr. Gates ended up under the front bumper of the vehicle with his leg broken in two places.
All involved in the crash had non life threatening injuries, but received many cuts and bruises. Two of those people were transported to a local hospital.
The Oklahoma City Police Department reported the driver, Jonathan Maldonado, 25, was arrested on a complaint of reckless driving.
Maldonado alleged he was driving through the parking lot when his brakes failed. The man claimed he then pressed the gas pedal in an attempt to get the brake pedal to work. Shortly after he crashed into the store. However, an officer reportedly tested the brake and gas pedal in the vehicle, and found them both to be working.
The Gates family would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this time. Mr. Gates is currently unable to return to work because of his injuries and his daughter, who is a student at OBU, has been unable to return to class.
The Gates say they are exploring their legal options to see how best to go forward.

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