Doug Levitt is listening to stories and telling his own

American singer- songwriter and writer, Doug Levitt visited Okemah on Tuesday.  At the Chamber of Commerce meeting  he told about his journeys and some of the stories behind The  Greyhound Diaries, a project lasting more than 12 years and traveling over 130,000 miles by Greyhound bus  and has resulted in songs, stories and images of fellow travelers.  As Levitt put it, “Connecting  to things that are under reflected.”
The project is ongoing. The Greyhound Diaries has resulted in many projects including records, a one-man show, published writings, photo exhibits and a web series.  Prior to embarking on his long journey, Levitt was a foreign correspondent based in London. While in London, Levitt switched careers, from foreign correspondent to singer-songwriter.
In 2004, Levitt was part of an effort to register voters for John Kerry, the then Democratic presidential nominee. He boarded buses and rode across the country from town to town and what he saw fascinated him. When the voter registration project came to an end, Levitt carried on alone, with his guitar in hand, singing to locals as he registered their votes. The election came and went, but Levitt didn’t he still rides the Greyhounds.
“On the bus you’re surrounded by poverty, addition ad mental illness. Buses tend to see a lot of ex-offenders.” He said. Everyone has a story. His seatmates have made an impact on him.
Levitt was in Houston yesterday singing in a soup kitchen and he is headed to Colorado to sing in a prison then on to California. He has visited Okemah once before and wanted to come back so he did a search and contacted Sacred Grounds Coffee.  He sang and entertained everyone at their ribbon cutting on Tuesday afternoon. David Goren, Radio Producer, is traveling with Levitt recording for a documentary for BBC (British Broadcasting Co.). Levitt and Goren want to hear everyone’s story and are traveling many miles to hear and record as many as possible.

Doug Levitt was in Okemah on Tuesday telling his stories through song. Levitt is known for his project The Greyhound Diaries. He spoke to the Chambers of Commerce, visited the school, and was sharing his stories at the Grand Opening at Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop in Okemah. Pictured above is Levitt, Sacred Grounds owner Cheri Lassiter, and Kathleen Davis, vice-president of the chamber and owner of Cross Timber Insurance Group.

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