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County to use Sanders, Bledsoe & Hewett to write budget

This year Okfuskee County has been in search of a new organization for the preparation of the county’s estimate of needs. The estimate of needs is an itemized estimate of proposed expenditures and anticipated revenues for the upcoming fiscal year.
The county has used budget writer Dan Hall the past several years to write the county’s estimate of needs and financial report, however, in January, Hall informed County Clerk Dianne Flanders that he was retiring and would no longer be offering his services to the county.
Since that time Flanders has reached out to several firms that offered that service for quotes on costs of their services. Of the seven firms contacted, two responded to the request for a proposal for professional services. The two Broken Arrow, Okla. firms were Sanders, Bledsoe & Hewett Certified Public Accountants and Kerry John Patten, CPA. Sanders, Bledsoe & Hewett submitted a bid of $4,500 to write the county’s estimate of needs, while Kerry John Patten turned in a bid of $6,150 for the same services.
After a brief discussion, the three commissioners voted to use Sanders, Bledsoe & Hewett for the 2018-2019 estimate of needs and 2017-2018 financial statements.
Previously the county paid Hall $4,500 each year for his services.
Sanders, Bledsoe & Hewett are also currently used by the Okemah Public School system, according to Flanders.

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