By Billie Gail Fox
I dropped by the golf course Tuesday morning, July 3rd, just as the morning group was coming in on #9.  It looked like a bunch of bees buzzing around a hive.
Preparations for the 4th of July tournament were under way.  It takes a lot of work to get ready for a tournament.
Our card reader was no longer usable, so the company sent us a new one.  We are really up to date now because it also reads chips.
Chuck Johnson and Earnie Fox won the 2-man scramble on Thursday, June 28th, with a score of 4 under par.  Justin Groves won the prize for the longest drive.  No one drove the green on the required hole, so there was no prize for the closest to the pin.
Travis Scott, Sheree Scott, Josh Grouse and Ricky Mason won the 4-man scramble on Monday, July 2nd, with a score of 6 under par.  Sheree Scott won the longest drive prize and nobody won for the closest to the pin.
We had our 4th of July Tournament yesterday, but I won’t be able to report the results until next week.
Until then, keep on golfing.

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