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Okemah ministerial alliance faces possible disbandment, postpones meetings until January 2019

The Okemah Ministerial Alliance could soon disband, though that is not what the group wants, according to member Terry Edminsten.

Ediminsten, pastor of Crossroads Cowboy Church, and Dale Trap, pastor of First Assembly of God in Okemah have, as of late, been the only two members to meet each meeting, prompting them to postpone regular workings and meetings of the group until after the first of next year. 

“I have been involved in this alliance for four to five year and have never seen more than five churches involved,” Edminsten said. “We need to change that, or there is not much need for just for just Dale (Trap to meet). 

An official statement issued by Edminsten, cited the following as its reasoning for calling the meeting s until January on the City’s social media: 

“Due to lack of participation from area churches, we are sadly and regrettably having to put the Ministerial Alliance into a holding pattern of doing zilch for this community, other than the Community Food Cupboard that is housed at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. 

“Currently we only have two participating churches and for the continuation of the Community Food Cupboard, it is imperative that there be an alliance of local churches. The Food Cupboard is a ministry of the Ministerial Alliance and IS NOT a ministry of the Methodist Church. 

“They provide storage rooms for the food and they allow the church to be used as a distribution point. All the work at the food cupboard is done by volunteers from a few different churches. 

“The Alliance also offers scholarships for graduating seniors of participating churches. If no churches are participating, there is no one to grant scholarships too. 

“We are even having to cancel this years Community Thanksgiving Service because there isn’t enough folks to make it happen. 

“So, if you’re a pastor or a member of an Okemah area church, please consider joining the alliance in order that all churches and denominations that believe in our Lord Jesus Christ can come together and show this community what true Christians can do for the Kingdom of God when we come together. 

“The alliance of churches comes together under the guidance of Jesus Christ and God’s Holy Spirit ONLY. There is no denominational specific doctrine discussed or promoted. We’re just like minded people wanting to share God’s love. My Okemah friends, PLEASE SHARE THIS to spread the word,” the statement concluded. 

In a final effort to seek and recruit involvement in the community and gospel-centered effort of the Alliance, the group has decided to call a meeting in January 2019 to establish whether or not they will continue or disband at that point. 

“We need involvement,” he said. “That is the most important part of the group — various churches and their leaders and members — unifying to succeed in  a church that many would say do as many Christ-like deeds as possible.”

With that statement now iterated, Edminsten, said, however, they the group will give it one more shot before disbanding and hope for more interested pastors and ministers and churches to join the group to join the group. 

That reattempt at reviving the alliance will need members, so he asked that anyone interested that is a pastor of a church should do so. The meeting will be held the first Saturday of January 2019. 

Anyone with information or questions or pastors waning to join, should call Pastor Edminsten at (918) 650-2361.

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