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Woman faces domestic assault charges after breaking into estranged husband’s home

The Okfuskee County Sheriff’s office responded to a domestic disturbance last month where a man said his wife, who had been living somewhere else, broke into his home and assaulted him, according to court records. 

John Davenport told the responding deputy that he and a Susan Davenport had been split up since October, resulting in her moving out of his house and into her mother’s home, just south of their once-shared residence. 

About mid-December, Mr. Davenport said she broke into his home through the back door and began taking pictures off the wall and breaking glass all over the house, according to an affidavit filed with the Okfuskee County District Court. 

He then said Susan Davenport picked up a large knife and told him she was going to kill him before he turned and went into his bedroom with her following behind him, he told officers. 

He said he attempted to shut the door, but reported that she broke through the door, knocking the door stop off the doorway. 

The affidavit states, once inside the room, Mrs. Davenport swung the knife and hit the television stand by the door, leaving a deep cut in the wood frame before picking up the doorstop she had allegedly broken and threw it at Mr. Davenport like a spear. 

Mr. Davenport told the responding deputy, the affidavit said, that he was hiding behind the bed in the corner, so the thrown doorstop did not hit him.

“Mr. Davenport pointed to a claw hammer lying on the floor and told me she threw it at him also but missed as he was heading around the bed,” the deputy wrote in his report, included in the affidavit. 

The fight was broken up and Mrs. Davenport left the residence after Mr. Davenport told her “the law was on their way.” 

He told the deputy, at that point, she left the home and headed south towards her mother’s residence. 

When the deputy went to the residence, earlier specified as Susan Davenport’s mother’s home, he reported seeing the front door open. Upon exiting his vehicle, the deputy said he observed a female subject shutting the door. 

When the deputy said he knocked and announced he was law enforcement, Mrs. Davenport opened the door, at which point the deputy advised her that she was under arrest for domestic assault and battery. 

After hearing that from the officer, “She attempted to close the door as I pushed it open and took her into custody,” the deputy reported. 

She was transported to the Okfuskee County Jail for booking. 

Upon arriving to the jail, the deputy read Mrs. Davenport her statement of rights, which he said she signed. The deputy reported that she had, at first, agreed to talk to him, but when he started asking about the incident, she decided to invoke her right to keep silent. 

She was booked into the jail on complaints of domestic assault and battery.

Reported in the affidavit, the deputy asked Mr. Davenport if he had any injuries from the incident, and he showed a small bruise on his left arm and a scratch on his back. He told the deputy she had pushed him down three or four times during the ordeal, causing the scratch marks. 

He also told the deputy she struck his right hand, which has nerve damage, “causing him intense pain but not leaving any marks,” the deputy reported. All injuries were photographed.

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