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Oil leak continues at Okemah Lake

ONL Staff Report

Interim City Manager Dustin Danker informed city council members at their regular meeting February 25, the oil found at Okemah Lake is not a new leak. The cleanup continues on the same leak.

According to Danker, Enerfin believes they are approximately 90 percent complete with the cleanup. Danker reported the Corporation Commission disagrees with Enerfin, stating they are only about 50 percent complete as of Monday, February 25.

Danker spent most of his weekend at the contaminated area talking to residents and the Corporation Commission, trying to resolve the issue. Danker said there is a meeting scheduled for Friday, March 1 in Oklahoma City where officials from the Corporation Commission and representatives from Enerfin will affirm the agreement moving forward. Danker said the cleanup will take some time.

Mayor Mike Fuller complimented Danker at the council meeting Monday night for his willingness to “go the extra mile” during the weekend to engage the Corporation Commission.

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  1. John Wilkins on March 1, 2019 at 7:59 am

    Well he didn’t come talk to me about it considering I know more about that pipe then almost everyone else! I would like to know are they going to take care of the other 2 sections of that pipe that are also exposed and will feed into Okemah lake? I would also ask why they didn’t have the pipe fixed 2 years ago when they was called out for the previous leak or the leak before that? Also with the way buckeye creek flows it is only a matter of time before another section of pipe becomes exposed or are they just going to leave that for future problems instead of fixing it now?

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