K9 Nitro Nabs Another One: Suspect previously at large, now in the hands of law enforcement

By Joshua Allen
ONL Staff Reporter

A citizen’s tip after hearing the news of a wanted man on the loose led to the capture of that suspect-previously-at-large when suspicion and knowledge of a criminal on the lam led the local man to call police.

The mid-twenty-year old Jeremy Steven Fausnaught-Treat, who’s been on the run since sometime shortly before noon, was looking to catch a ride, according to Okfuskee County Sheriff Jim Rasmussen. He wanted to hit the open road and go as far as possible — a last ditch effort to escape the growing number of law enforcement agencies and officers searching for him … but with his face all over the local wires that keep us connected … his capture imminent.

Okemah Police Officer Carl Fletcher brings in the now-arrested Fausnaught-Treat, this time also with the help of Lighthorse Captain Patrick William’s K9 cop, Nitro. Fletcher was the first cop to initiate the chase just before 9 Sunday morning from Homeland.

Fausnaught-Treat got what he’d went over near the travel stop on the south side of town for. He got a ride. The open road may be a long way away, but he did get a ride.

He’s in the custody of law enforcement, currently being taken to the hospital for some familiar-to-this-story-already dog bites, Rasmussen told the Okemah News Leader about 5:30 Sunday evening. The sheriff said they had caught the fleeing suspect only a few minutes before his conversation with News Leader.

As this story’s first suspect’s capture involved the brutal bites of a special canine cop named Nitro, so does this second one.

“Same dog … Second suspect,” the sheriff said shortly after the apprehension.

Here’s what went down, according to law enforcement officials:

Fausnaught-Treat managed to elude authorities after the crash for a few hours. At some point during that time, he made his way back to town to try and find a ride, the sheriff said. He had stopped at Okemah Truck and Trailer and was “chatting with the owner” for a while time.

The owner of the shop apparently had previous knowledge of the wanted man being sought, and with that information and what could be called solid intuition, the shop owner called the police.

Sheriff Rasmussen said to that, “I sincerely thank the Okemah News Leader for getting the word out quickly and properly to inform the public.”

Fleeing criminals can catch feelings too, and, according to Rasmussen, that’s what happened. Fausnaught-Treat seemingly got wind of the phone call to the cops or had a gut-feeling that proved correct (though in the end would prove detrimental), he ran out into a camper near the truck and trailer repair shop where workers sometimes stay, the sheriff explained.

This is where is gets hairy … a la, Nitro is in.

Okemah PD Officer Carl Fletcher and Okfuskee County Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Sides set a perimeter as other units arrived and awaited the arrival to the scene the Creek Nation Lighthorse K9 Unit’s.

Things moved quickly from that point, according to the sheriff, who commended the efforts of his and the other agency’s officers in apprehending this man.

When Nitro arrived, the dog’s exc

eptional snout led them directly to a camper where inside was the wanted man, Fausnaught-Treat.

According to Rasmussen, his deputies and Okemah PD officers beat on the door repeatedly, calling out their presence, signifying they were police and continued to beat on the door more and more. He wouldn’t come out.

“Eventually, we had to pry the door open on that camper, and after that, he was told to come out (as a police order) and he didn’t, so Nitro went in and drug him out,” Rasmussen said at the scene. “He’ll be going straight from here to the hospital, too. He has some pretty bad bites, but … as you can see (in the picture above) … he’s still walking.”

The sheriff paused a moment before adding, “Oh, and he will also be charged with burglary for breaking into that camper Nitro drug him out of.”

Needless to say, Sheriff Jim Rasmussen was pleased with his crew … relieved the seemingly slippery suspect was no longer on the loose.

Before the capture of Fausnaught-Treat, after he’d eluded capture for a few hours, audible distress and concern for his county’s citizens could be heard in Rasmussen’s voice. He wanted him caught immediately.

“I was worried …  I really was worried — worried he may be in someone’s barn or something and what could have happened in that situation, if someone startled him or came up on him holed up somewhere,” Rasmussen said. “He’s dangerous — a dangerous person with a violent criminal history. I commend the work of the Okemah Police Department, the Lighthorse Police Unit and my deputies.”

“We quickly apprehended a person in a very volatile state, which is desperate,” he added. “It feels good to see good police work pay off … lives get saved.”

More to this story is forthcoming. The name of the female is still, as of the writing of this about 6:20 p.m., undisclosed.

At around 6 p.m., Rasmussen said the female suspect was still at the hospital, and the now-apprehended male suspect was on his way there.

The owner of Okemah Truck and Trailer could not be reached for comment, but someone that answered the phone Sunday evening, shortly after the suspect was caught, made it very clear he had “no time to answer questions for reporters.”

Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Gayla Hatfield on April 14, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    Great work, great reporting, and again…great Nitro!

  2. Robert Lively on April 15, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    A picture of Nitro would be appreciated.

    Good job by all persons involved

  3. Dotté Bennett on April 17, 2019 at 8:14 am

    WTG Nitro. Ya just don’t mess with a police K-9. A picture of Nitro would be great.

  4. Kim Wilson on April 19, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    Great job, this guy is a bad human being. Several years back, he held my daughter hostage in a hotel room and beat her repeatedly. I pray he stays in prison this time.

    • Jorge on April 28, 2019 at 5:05 am

      Who was your daughter?

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