Courthouse Sidewalks to be Replaced: Commissioners approve solicitation of bids to replace courthouse sidewalks

By Joshua Allen
ONL Staff Reporter

The Okfuskee County Commissioners made the decision to begin the process of replacing the sidewalks leading up to and around the courthouse, voting to approve the solicitation of bids for the work at Mondayʼs regularly schedule meeting (April 15).

The bidding process will soon begin for the work to replace the sidewalks at and around the courthouse after commissioners approved bid solicitation at a regular meeting Monday, April 8. (Joshua Allen/ONL Photo)

Present for the meeting were all three commissioners — Chairman Terry Wilson, Vice-Chairman Danny Wilson and Boardmember James Yandell — County Clerk Dianne Flanders and Sheriff Jim Rasmussen.

The meetingʼs agenda commenced with the usual flag salute and pledge, roll call, acceptance of minutes from the last meeting and an item reserved for persons in attendance to give a presentation, to which there was no one additonally present.

The three top county government officials went through the agenda fairly quickly, arriving at item #9, which read, “Discusssion and possible action to approve or disapprove resolution #19-9 to solicit bids to replace courthouse sidewalks.”

After little discussion, Yandell made a motion to approve the resolution. It was seconded by D. Wilson before receiving all three of their ‘yesʼ votes.

According to Flanders, the bidding process will take a little time, “about 30 days,”

but once the bids are gathered, the commissioners will open them at a future open meeting and reward the work to the winning bid.

All that has to take place before the sidewalks are replaced or the work of replacing them even starts, so itʼs still a ways out.

The wait will probably be worth it as the sidewalks around the courthouse have not been replaced in decades, though no courthouse personel or official could recall an exact date.

The Board of County Commissioners also heard a presentation from Jamiko Kincy of Washington National Insurance to offer county employs supplemental insurance, which was approved.

Commissioners also accepted the county Officersʼ Monthly Reports for the prior month, accepted a check for $4,207.98 from ACCO, approved a Cash Fund Estimate of Needs and Request for Appropriations and approved claims for items purchased and payroll

There was no new business, so that agenda item was passed and the commissioners adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting of the Okfuskee County Board of County Commissioners is Monday at 9c00 a.m. on the first floor of the courthouse.

Regular meetings are every Monday at the aforementioned time and place and are open to the public.

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