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Mason Fall Festival Costume contest winners

Newborn – Two year old category
1st Place: Tucker Crawford (son of Rusty and Kimberly Crawford) as Cat Dozer.
2nd: Kenslee Jenkins (daughter of Colton Jenkins and Ashley Hayes) as Cinderella.
3rd place Maverick Allen and Nash Allen (sons of Ty and Brittany Allen) dressed as dozer operator and his rock.
3 yrs to PreK
1st Place: Daxton Montgomery (son of Jeff and Megan Montgomery) as a rodeo clown.
2nd: Makayla Coon (daughter of Hayley Neal) as Jessie from Toy Story.
3rd place Quintcy Darnell (son of Maggie Darnell) dressed as evil clown.
Kindergarten to 2nd grade
1st: Lottie Williams (daughter of Lane and Hunter Williams) as headless person.
2nd: Jesse Scott (son of JD and Chelsea Scott) as Mac Truck.
3rd: Isabella Speir (daughter of Jordan and Shannon Speir) as “It” from the Addams Family.
3rd – 6th grade
1st: Braxton Clark (son of Mitch Clark and Sarah Beaver) as Jack in the Box.
2nd: Natesha Piggie (daughter of Monsita Piggie) as “Piggie Bear.”
3rd: Adian Magness (son of Stephanie Davis) as Tin Man.

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