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As of Wednesday, Feb. 18, there are 29 positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma. One of those testing positive was a child under the age of four. There are no cases reported in Okfuskee County.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) call center received more than 1,000 calls Tuesday. In addition, the webpage dedicated to the Oklahoma COVID-19 response had 155,710 views.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) recommends daycares and child care centers remain open to serve their community, increase sanitization practices and remain vigilant in providing hygiene protocols to children and employees, follow best practices on social distancing and sanitization, and remain flexible while maintaining child safety as the top priority.

For a complete list of guidance documents, visit the “Resources” page at for additional information.

COVID-19 Oklahoma Test Results
Positive (In-State) 29
Positive (Out-of-State) 2
Negative 378
PUIs Pending Results 110

COVID-19 Cases by Age Group
Age Group, Years COVID-19 Cases*
00-04: 1
05-17: 0
18-49: 13
50-64: 10
65+: 5
Total 29
Age Range 0-75 yrs
COVID-19 Cases by Gender
Male 16
Female 13
Total 29

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