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                                             By Billie Gail Fox

     On Thursday, August 6th, the Legends played in Okemah.  They enjoy their golf game, but I think that they prefer sitting on the porch afterward and telling stories.  I always enjoy visiting with the members of the group that I know.

     Also on Thursday, I had a long discussion with Bill McCuthcheon.  But when his son arrived, they got down to the business of playing golf.

     One day last week, Earnie told me that the Jackson brothers, originally from Weleetka, were at the golf course.  Jacob, Jackie and Andrew Jackson were following a young boy about 7 or 8 years old, a grandson of one of them.  I enjoyed talking with Jacob and learning what they were all doing now.  It’s good to see old acquaintances from years ago.

     On Saturday, August 8th, there was a blow-out on #5 green.  Water was spraying all over the place.  That meant that I had to keep the clubhouse for Earnie so he could go dig out the water line and fix it.  That is not an easy job for someone who is not a youngster.

     36 players participated in the 2-person scramble on Thursday, August 6th.  Chuck Johnson and Earnie Fox won the scramble with a score of 3 under par.  Justin Groves won the prize for the longest drive and Jake Stapp won for the closest to the pin.

     45 golfers played in the 4-person scramble on Monday, August 10th.  Travis Scott. Sharee Scott, Justin Groves and Josh Grose won with a score of 7 under par.  Kristal DeArmand won the prize for the longest drive and Bill McCutcheon took the prize for the closest to the pin.

     I’m looking forward to seeing YOU at the Okemah Golf Course.

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