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Okfuskee County Free Fair cancelled this year

Okfuskee County Free Fair cancelled this year
By Ken Childers
ONL Editor
Following in the footsteps of the Oklahoma State Fair and other large-scale events across the country, the Okfuskee County Free Fair has been cancelled over coronavirus concerns.
According to Fair Board President Scott Cindle, the decision to cancel this year’s event was made during a special board meeting held July 27.
“The decision was not an easy one to make but we felt that with the rise in cases and for the safety of our volunteers and community members, it was best to cancel the free fair,” Cindle said.
On July 20, the Okfuskee County Board of County Commissioners voted to leave the fair barn open as long as Centers for Disease Control guidelines are followed, but left the decision about having the fair itself in the hands of the fair board.
In an open letter to area residents, Cindle said COVID-19 had been the topic of discussion at every recent board meeting and in June, it looked as if the fair would go on as planned in September.
“With the information we had at the time with our local cases staying low, along with the steps we planned to take, including increased cleaning, distancing, altered activities, and other measures we felt we could possibly hold the fair in a safe manner. We knew we were being hopeful that we would be able to continue like normal with modifications to ensure the safety of our community members,” Cindle said.
“In the last month after monitoring the increase in cases in our county and in the state of Oklahoma, we as a board re-evaluated the current status of COVID-19 in our area. On July 27 during our special meeting we decided it was best to cancel the Okfuskee County Free Fair this year. We would like to thank everyone that helps us each year with planning and conducting the fair and helping us make our fair successful. Without your help we would not be able to make this fair possible. We look forward to 2021 and will work diligently planning the next Okfuskee County Free Fair,” Cindle stated.
The fair is typically held each year in mid-September and includes a variety of competitions, including livestock, agricultural and culinary. The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Extension Office plays a large role in the fair each year.

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  1. John Wilkins on August 22, 2020 at 10:59 am

    Can we start calling out those that have ruined everything for everyone else yet???? Let us make no mistake those that refuse to wear a mask for any reason are the reason why everything is being cancelled!!! A large portion of the community is more then able to wear a mask without any problems wearing a mask and do not make up excuses all while knowing they are doing it to protect the community! Others are selfish and self-centered and have no care for the community and are willing to risk the lives of others in their selfishness and the blame for this is clearly and without a doubt solely on them!

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