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Paden man arrested for allegedly stalking ex-girlfriend

Paden man arrested for allegedly stalking ex-girlfriend
By Ken Childers
ONL Editor
A Paden man accused of stalking his former girlfriend after she filed a protective order against him has been arrested and is facing multiple charges, including at least one felony.
Trevor Allen Mann, 30, was arrested on August 31 on charges of domestic assault with a deadly weapon, stalking and violating a protective order. He entered a plea of not guilty in Judge Maxey Reilly’s courtroom on Sept. 3.
The charges stem from a June 18 incident in which Okfuskee County Deputy Kendra Goodwin was dispatched to the intersection of NS3630 and EW1000 near Paden on reports of a disturbance involving an armed man.
According to an affidavit, Goodwin and Undersheriff R.L. Wilbourn arrived on scene and made contact with Richard Snow, who identified himself as Mann’s stepfather. Snow said that Mann had attempted to run his wife (Mann’s mother) over with a Chevrolet Suburban.
While the officers spoke with Snow, a vehicle approached them, then stopped and started backing up. Snow identified the driver as Mann.
Goodwin got inside her patrol vehicle, activated its emergency lights and pulled in front of Mann. He was ordered to turn his vehicle off and step out of it. After being ordered to raise his hands, walk towards the officers then lie face down, Mann was placed in handcuffs and detained.
According to the affidavit, Mann told officers he was trying to see a female he said was his ex-girlfriend, and he had been blocked from getting out of the pasture. He added that he was driving “crazy” because Snow had been chasing him.
Goodwin asked Mann if he had any weapons on him or in the vehicle, and he said “no” but consented to a search of his vehicle. No weapon was found, but the vehicle was secured and Mann was transported to the roadway so officers could speak with the victim.
Mann’s mother told Goodwin that Mann had been “acting different” lately, and when she tried to talk with him, he tried to run her over. She told officers she did not wish to press charges.
Goodwin then spoke to the ex-girlfriend, who was also at the scene. She told Goodwin that Mann has a tracking device on her and he knows where she is at all times. She said Mann has helped her multiple times in the past, and although he’s been paid back he is still trying to collect, sometimes in the form of sexual favors or dates. She also said Mann has rummaged through her personal items, including her mailbox.
The ex-girlfriend also said that on June 17, Mann took out a barbed-wire fence as he tried to run her over with his vehicle, according to the affidavit. When asked by Goodwin if she wanted to file charges, she said “yes.” Goodwin also advised the alleged victim to file a protective order against Mann, which was filed June 18. During a visit from Goodwin at his residence, Mann agreed to have no contact with his former girlfriend.
On June 27, Goodwin received an email from the alleged victim, stating that Mann was still harassing and stalking her. Goodwin said she made multiple attempts to contact Mann and show him a copy of the protective order, but he refused to answer the phone and he kept the gates to his residence locked.
A warrant for Mann’s arrest was issued on Aug. 28 and he was taken into custody on Aug. 31. According to court records, he was arraigned last Thursday and is due back in court on Oct. 15.

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