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                                              By Billie Gail Fox

     On Monday, September 28th, Donnie Scott called the clubhouse and said that a trash barrel had blown over on #5 and scattered trash everywhere; but if someone would bring him some gloves, he would pick it up.  Earnie went out there and they must have picked up a lot of trash because I saw Earnie empty two full barrels into the dumpster.  Donnie Scott, we appreciate your helping to take care of the golf course.

     Crystal Speir came out to play golf on Monday afternoon even though the wind was gusting hard.  She doesn’t get to come often so she took her chance.  She enjoys golf and the relaxation that comes with it.

     On Wednesday, September 30th, Toby Klutts came into the clubhouse before playing golf.  I almost didn’t recognize Toby (my former student) with his grey beard, but when I saw his dad, Nokey, coming in behind him, I was sure.  It was good to see you, Toby.

     Mr. Meering from Shawnee came in on Wednesday and said that he was impressed with our greens and friendliness and that he would be back every Wednesday.  That must be his day off from work. 

     On Sunday, October 4th, Jake Scupien from Nuyaka and his son Jordan came in.  He bought lots of balls from the barrel.  He said that he needed lots of balls because he would lose them all.

     Dante Landers and his eleven year old son Jordan also came in while I was there on Sunday.  Jordan’s smile lights up his whole face.  It’s a joy to see a young boy so full of smiles.

     The course was closed on Tuesday, October 6th, so that volunteers could top-dress and aerate the greens.

     26 players turned out for the 2-person scramble on Thursday, October 1st.  Two teams tied with a score of 2 under par.  After a scorecard playoff, Leon McVeigh and Bruce Dunson were the winners over Travis Scott and Sharee Scott.  Loren Aldridge got the prize for the longest drive and Bill Parker won for the closest to the pin.

     37 players participated in the 4-person scramble on Monday, October 5th.  Danny Fultz, John Powell, James Wynn and Mark Mercer won the scramble with a score of 7 under par.  Randy Fixico won the prize for the longest drive and Leon McVeigh took the prize for the closest to the pin.

     I hope to see you at the Okemah Golf Club next week.      

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