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                                              By Billie Gail Fox

     I finally got to go to the golf course on Thursday, August 11th.  Nobody was there from whom I could get any news.

  Earnie and I did get to play Gin Rummy like we used to and I won the bragging rights.

     Travis Spears came in, got a cart and took off in a hurry with his friend for hole #1.

     Larry had taken the day off to celebrate his anniversary with Melissa.  They made it to Tulsa, but then Melissa got a call to come back and go to work.  After Melissa took care of what she was called to do, they were going to go eat somewhere and she got called again.  So she told Larry that they were going to the cabin at the lake on the weekend so they could finally celebrate their anniversary along with family.

     I’m sorry to say that I lost my bragging rights for Gin Rummy on Saturday.

     Brandon Hubbard came in on Saturday and said that he was going to play 36 holes of golf, so he planned to be at the course all day.

     Have you ever thought of having a bachelor party at the golf course?  There was a bachelor party at the Okemah Golf Course on Saturday, August 13th.  Andrew Temple of Tulsa and several of his friends, including nine golfers, were celebrating his upcoming marriage on August 20th to Adreanne Cates of Tulsa.  In addition to Andrew, the golfers were A. J. Kristy, Matt Gooseman, Tim Gooseman, Isaiah Ruddle, Nick Geisler, Jeremy Green and Clay Baker. I don’t know the name of the ninth player.  Andrew, we wish you and Adreanne the best.

     Tony VanZant and Jo Jo Murphy won the 2-person scramble on Thursday, August 11th, with a score of 4 under par.  Chuck Johnson won the prize for the longest drive and Dennis Canard won for the closest to the pin.

     35 golfers participated in the 4-person scramble on Monday, August 15th.  Joe Landers, Anthony Landers, James Smith and Josh Ishmael won the scramble with a score of 7 under par.  Garrett Manning won the prize for the longest drive and Josh Ishmael won the prize for the closest to the pin.

     We are supposed to have cooler weather with the possibility for some rain early next week.  Golfing should be great at the Okemah Golf Club. 

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