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                                            By Billie Gail Fox

     On Thursday, December 29th, Larry Holden and his grandson Nathan were cleaning golf balls to be used for range balls,  Nathan just kept bringing buckets of balls in and emptying them into the barrel.  It was probably full when they got through. 

     Sonny Bear came in the other day and said that he had finished his household chores and decided to come play golf while it was warm.  I said that I had some household chores that he could help me with, but he said he would rather play golf.

     Thomas Brownfield from Dewar, who plays baseball at Connors, came in on Sunday, January 1st.  He doesn’t look a day over 14 or 15, but he said that he is 18.  It’s strange how age does or doesn’t show on some people.

     Kevin Evans also came in on Sunday.  He said that his New Year’s resolution was to not put up with Kevin Brill any more.  But he was waiting on him.  Of course, Kevin Brill came in fussing at him as usual.

     Kevin Evans told me that he and his wife took a trip the week before.  They drove 4200 miles from Henryetta to Amarillo, the Grand Canyon, California, and back through Utah.  On highway 24 in Colorado, a semi truck was stalled and they had to stop in the snow which made it hard to get going again when the semi wasn’t in the way.  At Colorado Springs, they took the train to Pike’s Peak where it was 2 degrees.  It’s needless to say that they didn’t walk around outside to see the view.  They sat in the gift shop about 30 minutes until the train came back to pick them up.  They are trying to see all the states in the U. S.  They have 18 more to go including Hawaii which they are saving for the grand finale.  He said that two of his favorite states so far are Delaware and Maryland because it is so beautiful there.  Kevin, I hope that I didn’t mess this story up too much, but I can’t write as fast as you can talk.  It was really fascinating though.  

     Barbara James and her grandson Kenneth came over from Okmulgee bearing treats on Sunday.  They hadn’t been here for quite a while either, but a nice warm day called for a game of golf.

     Aaron Putman also came in.  I commented that I hadn’t seen him in a long time and he said that he and Erica were working on some property that they had acquired, but today’s weather meant “Golf”.  It was good to see you, Aaron.

     The parking lot was full at the golf course on Sunday, but I didn’t get to talk to a lot of people.  I wish that I could have talked to more.

     We would like to see you at the Earnie Fox Municipal Golf Club. 

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