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Senate votes to modify definition of career teacher

 Senate votes to modify definition of career teacher

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Bill 332, modifying the definition of a career teacher, was approved unanimously Monday by the full Senate. Sen. Jo Anna Dossett, D-Tulsa, said the bill modifies outdated language to recognize the mobility of young teachers as they seek other job opportunities.

“Currently, a teacher must teach three to four probationary years in one single school district before he or she achieves the status of career teacher. This bill allows those probationary years to happen in multiple school districts, allowing teachers to move districts if they need or want to or their life situation requires it,” Dossett said. “This allows teachers the freedom of movement in those early years to pursue other opportunities without keeping them from attaining the career title.”

To qualify as a career teacher, educators must also achieve superior or highly effective ratings on their Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) evaluations for the years toward the career title to count.

SB 332 now moves to the House where Rep. Mark Vancuren, R-Owasso, is the principal House author.

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