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Interim Executive Director Greg Slavonic takes charge on the first day at the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs 

Interim Executive Director Greg Slavonic takes charge on the first day at the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs 


The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA) is excited to announce the appointment of retired Rear Admiral Greg Slavonic as its new Interim Executive Director, who officially took charge on March 13, 2023. Admiral Slavonic brings over 40 years of service to our Nation and his appointment signals an important new chapter in the agency’s growth and development.

On his first day, Director Slavonic met with ODVA staff members to introduce himself, learn about the agency’s history, and listen to their ideas and concerns. He also toured the ODVA Central Office, getting a firsthand look at operations and meeting with key personnel.

Director Slavonic expressed his enthusiasm for his new role and his eagerness to work with the Oklahoma Veterans Commission and ODVA team. Director Slavonic’s priority is to “Take care of our Veterans!”  In cooperation with the Oklahoma Veterans Commission, a meeting has been scheduled for next week to discuss the Sallisaw Veterans Home project and address the construction and project budget issues recently brought to light. Other important issues to be discussed include investigating possible past information technology vulnerabilities and strengthening cybersecurity and safeguarding Oklahoma Veterans’ personal information.  The Director and Commission also plan to review the Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector’s 2018 Special Audit Report and address any unresolved issues as well as conduct an updated employee survey at the soonest opportunity. Slavonic stated that he “Is a people guy, straightforward with no secrets and we are going to be a team that follows the chain of command.”  Director Slavonic expects everyone to treat all Veterans, as well as each other, with dignity and respect.

The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs is confident that Director Slavonic’s leadership and experience will be instrumental in driving the agency’s success as we move forward in our efforts to serve the over 300,000 Oklahoma Veterans.  The entire team looks forward to working with him in achieving this shared vision.

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  1. Lucille Hanna on June 30, 2023 at 8:05 pm

    My husband James Hanna has been in the Lawton VA center on Flower Mound Road 2 weeks. It is a wonderful place. He is getting the best medical care in Lawton, Ok . The wound care is outstanding and so is the Physical Therapy. The nurses and all the staff are outstanding.

    I have one complaint. The food is undesirable. It is over cooked, not tasty. I believe most TV dinners these days taste better than the food served there. There are a few things that are not too bad. My husband like many others have their food brought to their living area. He is unable to get to the dining hall on his own, I understand it is a little better there. By the time the food gets to the living are it is usually cold. This morning June 30, he and his room, mate did not get their breakfast. All they wanted was cold cereal. The staff called the kitchen but they would not answer. Lucky for my husband he has a small refrigerator we provided for him. So he ate his yogurt and his Glucerna. They will tell you that you can order sandwich, but you can’t have a steady diet of sandwiches.

    I am voicing my concerns to you, because I understand the dietary is under the Oklahoma City Veterans affairs.

    Come and visit unannounced one day, check out the food.

    Frances Lucille Hanna


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