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Gov. Kevin Stitt Issues Proclamation Declaring May 14-20 Skilled Nursing Care Week

Gov. Kevin Stitt Issues Proclamation Declaring May 14-20 Skilled Nursing Care Week

OKLAHOMA CITY — Governor Kevin Stitt has issued a proclamation declaring this week “Skilled Nursing Care Week in Oklahoma.” The proclamation is timed to coincide with National Skilled Nursing Care Week, a celebration launched by the American Health Care Association in 1967 to celebrate the essential role that skilled nursing care centers play in providing high quality care to millions of America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Stitt’s proclamation notes that “Oklahoma’s skilled nursing care professionals are a critical part of our healthcare system, providing compassionate care to our most vulnerable populations, helping them to maintain their health, independence, and dignity. … Oklahoma’s skilled nursing care professionals have gone above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic, risking their own health and safety to care for others, and have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the well-being of their patients.”

Care Providers Oklahoma President and CEO Steven Buck thanked Gov. Stitt for the proclamation and for the recognition of the work being done by Oklahoma’s thousands of skilled nursing employees.

“Anyone who has ever walked the hall of a nursing home or a facility for people with intellectual disabilities knows the staff there aren’t just clocking-in and clocking-out,” said Buck. “Our staff become family members to our residents. They care deeply about their quality-of-life and happiness, and they put their hearts and souls into their caretaker role. It’s nice to see our governor recognize that effort and the important role it plays in allowing vulnerable Oklahomans to live in comfort and dignity.”

About Care Providers Oklahoma:

Previously the Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers (OAHCP), Care Providers Oklahoma represents the interests of more than 18,000 residents and 19,000 professionals that work in Oklahoma’s long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living homes and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Care Providers Oklahoma’s mission is to assist its members in providing the highest quality care to the seniors, individuals with disabilities and vulnerable Oklahomans who live in our facilities. We advocate for the enhancement of that care so that Oklahoma long-term care residents may live in the comfort and dignity they deserve. Learn more here.

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