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                                              By Billie Gail Fox

     Johnna McVeigh is a new volunteer at the clubhouse.  Johnna is married to Jeff McVeigh and is the daughter-in-law of one of our long-time members, Leon Mc Veigh.  She likes to be busy and is always doing something.  She is so efficient that she has our books in order down to the penny.  She has things cleaned up and runs the vacuum to try to stay ahead of us dirtier people who spill crumbs and sodas.

     Johnna is originally from Ada and went to Byng High School.  She and her husband, Jeff, live in Bearden and attend the Morse Missionary Baptist Church where she plays the piano.  Jeff is currently the golf coach at Okemah High School where he also teaches science.  They have two sons: Ryan who is retired from the Navy and Spencer, who is going to school to pursue computer networking.

     Johnna had a previous career in corporate banking and was the chief financial officer of Mineral Springs State Bank in Texas.

     She also plays golf, so she is volunteering at the right place.

     We are fortunate to have Johnna as a volunteer.

     Since the weather has turned warm and the sun has peeked out, the golf course has been very busy.  It is nice to see so many people enjoying themselves in pleasant weather.

     Because of the earlier rains and spraying the greens, we haven’t had many scrambles lately.  However, we did have one on May 1st.  66 golfers participated in the four-person scramble.  Earnie Fox, Chuck Johnson, Nokey Klutts and Leon McVeigh won the scramble with a score of 5 under par.  Nokey Klutts won the prize for the closest to the pin and Ken Adams won for the longest drive.

     On Monday, May 8th, 49 players participated in the 4-person scramble.  Anthony Landers, Joe Landers, Dante Landers and Josh Ishmael won the scramble with a score of 7 under par.  Randy Price won the prize for the longest drive and Justin Jones won for the closest to the pin.

     Earnie Fox and Chuck Johnson won the 2-person scramble held on Thursday, May 11th with a score of 2 under par.  Jeff Montgomery won the prize for the longest drive and Travis Scott won for the closest to the pin.


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