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Local Leaders Meet To Discuss Rural Economic Development

Local Leaders Meet To Discuss Rural Economic Development


Wes Watkins Technology Center recently welcomed Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell, Senator Roger Thompson, and Representative David Smith to discuss legislative updates and economic development in rural Oklahoma with local community leaders. “Meetings like today’s help to facilitate and disseminate necessary information to grow the economy within the region. This helps us to be aware of funding and resources that are available from the state to assist in those processes. And it allows for collaboration between the respective communities with regard to economic development,” stated WWTC Workforce and Economic Development Coordinator, Bert Robison.

Investing in rural development sustains communities and helps rural Oklahoma thrive. Cities with more resources are better equipped to provide for their communities with increased tax revenues, available jobs, and opportunities for its citizens. “Our local county and municipal leaders play a key role in the economic development process in our region. These individuals and groups are essential in providing the infrastructure necessary to attract and retain new as well as existing companies,” stated Mike Lindley, WWTC Workforce and Economic Development Director. WWTC is proud to play an active role serving their district as a hub for skilled training for small businesses, adult career development, as well as customized training for companies, volunteer firefighters, and EMS. Annually, WWTC provides 350-500 short-term courses with over 2,000 enrollments, and more than 20,000 contact-training hours. These short-term courses are a variety of face-to face classes, online, or blended format.

WWTC strives to be an essential and vital component of the economic development delivery system for its district, region, and Oklahoma abroad. For Oklahoma to sustain and bolster itself, rural development is crucial. Vic Woods, WWTC Superintendent, stated, “The ultimate resource for economic development is the people. People develop the economy and then the capital and raw materials are derived. At WWTC, we are the people creating the people for the future of the economy.” To learn more about the Workforce and Economic Development department at WWTC and its services, visit

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