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Thinking Out Loud: Be Gentle

Thinking Out Loud: Be Gentle

   While realizing that fifteen years ago I didn’t have the faintest idea that I would end up where I am now (Senior Minister turned Hospice Chaplain),  I still like to keep the illusion that I am in control of my own life.  I like to decide what I most need, what I will do next, what I want to accomplish, and how others will think of me.  While being so busy running my own life,  I become oblivious to the gentle movements of the Spirit of God within me, pointing me in directions quite different from my own. (It was my goal to retire as a Gospel minister.)

   It requires a lot of inner solitude and silence to become aware of these divine movements.  God does not shout, scream, push, or bully!  The Spirit of God is soft and gentle, like a small voice or a light breeze.  It is the Spirit of Love that guides us to make life-changing decisions.

John T. Catrett, III

Scissortail Hospice Chaplain

306 North Main St., Suite E

Bristow, OK 74010


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