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City Council adopts new fees and fines

City Council adopts new fees and fines

By R.L.Thompson

The Okemah City Council met on June 12 in regular session following a special session to adopt the new budget for the city of Okemah. Present were Mayor Gott, Vice Mayor Ronnie Lucas, Council members, Brandon Anderson, Wayne Bacon and Jennifer Mack.

The council adopted new fees for services provided by the city in addition to new fines and bond amounts.   

All of the new fees, fines and bonds are effective on July 1, 2023.


Parks and Recreation:

Swimming pool admission-$3.00

Pool party under 50—$100.00

Pool party under 75—$125.00

Pool party under 100—$150.00

Utility fees:

Illegal water usage fee—$50.00

Reconnect fee—$50.00

Reset Meter fee—$100.00

Broken Meter fee—$500.00

Broken Antena fee-$300.00

Meter tampering fee—$300.00

NSF/Draft fee—$50.00

Transfer fee—$50.00

Contract fee—$50.00

Lake Permits

Dock permit—$100.00

Annual boat permit—$50.00

Annual Jet Ski permit—$50.00

Annual Kayak permit—$30.00

Daily boat permit—$10.00

Daily Jet Ski permit—$10.00

Daily Kayak permit—$5.00

Sewer Dump use —$25.00


Lake Cabin rental (two night minimum) $175-$250 depending on season.

Other fees:

Yard sale permit—$5.00

Burn permit—$50.00

ATV permit—$50.00

Animal Licensing Tag—$20.00

Animal Bond Fee—$25.00 for the first day and $10.00 for each day thereafter.

Planning and Zoning application—$100.00

Mobile Home application—$100.00

Code Enforcement Administration fee for home abatement—$450.00


Failure to mow, first offense—$100.00; Second offense, $150.00; Third offense—$200.00.

Failure to maintain property—$100.00; Second offense, $200.00; Third offense—$300.00.

Rubbish/Garbage—$150.00; Second offense, $200.00; Third offense—$300.00.

Motor Vehicles—$200.00; Second offense, $400.00; Third offense—$500.00.

Defacement of property—$150.00; Second offense, $250.00; Third offense—$350.00.

Swimming pool and enclosure—$200.00; Second offense, $300.00; Third offense—$400.00.

Failure to pull permit—$200.00; Second offense, $300.00; Third offense—$400.00.

Food preparation—$200.00; Second offense, $300.00; Third offense—$400.00.

Illegal roof overlay—$300.00; Second offense, $400.00; Third offense—$500.00.

Infestation residential—$200.00; Second offense, $300.00; Third offense—$400.00.

Infestation commercial—$300.00; Second offense, $400.00; Third offense—$500.00.

Premises identification—$100.00; Second offense, $200.00; Third offense—$300.00.

Prohibited Occupancy/ Dangerous equipment—$300.00; Second offense, $400.00; Third offense—$500.00.

Transfer of ownership—$300.00; Second offense, $400.00; Third offense—$500.00.

Unauthorized tampering—$300.00; Second offense, $400.00; Third offense—$500.00.

Unlawful placard removal—$300.00; Second offense, $400.00; Third offense—$500.00.

Unsafe conditions—$200.00; Second offense, $300.00; Third offense—$400.00.

For any offense not specifically listed herein, the minimum fine shall be—$100.00; Second offense, $200.00; Third offense—$300.00.

Investigation fee—$100 flat rate.

Bond schedule 

Including all court, cleet, afis, and medical expense fees


1-10 mph over—$191.00

11-15 mph over—$201.00

16-20 mph over—$221.00

Reckless driving/20 mph over—$375.00

21-25 mph over—$241.00

Operating a vehicle in a manner not reasonable and proper—$255.00

Failure to obey a lawful traffic control (sign, signal or device) —$255.00

Impeding the normal and reasonable flow of traffic—$80.00

Improper passing—$255.00

Driving left of center—$125.00

Driving wrong way on a one way road—$155.00

Failure to signal intention to turn right or left—$235.00

Improper lights—$235.00

Improper u-turn—$255.00

Left turn into angle parking—$255.00

Failure to stop for stop sign—$255.00

Changing lanes unsafely—$235.00

Following too closely—$255.00

Failure to stop for school bus (loading or unloading children)—$230.00

Failure to wear seatbelt—$25.00

Failure to use child passenger restraint—$125.00

Depositing dumping or thawing destructive or injurious material on public property—$315.00

Placing litter (including lighted substances) on highway, roadway or public property—$205.00

Operating a motor vehicle with an improper brake system—$135.00

Operating a motor vehicle without a valid operator, chauffeur or commercial license—$375.00

Operating a motor vehicle with license is under suspension—$375.00

Unlawfully transporting an open container of alcoholic beverage in a vehicle—$255.00

Possession of marijuana—$235.00

Possession of paraphernalia —$235.00

Public intoxication—$100.00

Public intoxication, marijuana/ methamphetamines—$235.00

Failure to carry Security Verification—$255.00

Failure to pay all taxes due to the state—$255.00

Operating a motor vehicle without current license plate decal—$155.00

Operating a motorcycle without windshield, goggles or face shield —$80.00

Amplified noise ordinance—$215.00

Operating a motor vehicle with a loud exhaust—$235.00

Actual physical control—$654.00

Driving under the influence of alcohol—$675.00

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs tribal—$654.00

Eluding an officer—$375.00

Leaving the scene of an accident—$375.00

Abandoned vehicle on roadway—$160.00

Violation of hunting or fishing ordinances—$90.00

Violation of Okemah Lake ordinances—$90.00

All other bondable offenses—$165.00

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