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                                               By Billie Gail Fox

     On Saturday, September, 16th, Lane Morris (who is from Wetumka) came in and said that he is now at Seminole playing baseball for the college.  Congratulations, Lane.

     A golfer told me that Saturday was perfect weather for golf.  I believed him, but I still had to have my sweater as usual.

     On Sunday, September 17th, three young men came in and said that they had already played and came in to settle up.  If Earnie is out on the course working, he leaves a note in the window to that effect.  I said, “It’s nice to have honest people.”  Shane Britt replied, “It’s nice to to have someone who trusts you to do that.”  They all agreed. 

     Right after that, Risky Long came in to take a break from weed-eating.  He said that I should have brought him a sandwich and cantelope, too.  I hadn’t touched  mine yet, so I offered it to him, but he went on back to work.  It’s nice to have such willing volunteers.

     All the red carts were out or getting recharged, so the grey carts had to be brought out.  It was a busy day.

     We are still hoping that people wanting to have a Moon Club will call the clubhouse and let us know.

     Three teams tied with scores of 6 under par in the 4-person scramble on Monday, September 11th.  After a chip-off, Dante Landers, Joe Landers, Anthony Landers and Josh Ishmael were declared the winners over the team of Chuck Johnson, Earnie Fox, Nokey Klutts and Leon McVeigh and the team of Austin Long, Kurtis Wilson, Chris Lesley and Gary Canard.  Josh Ishmael won the prize for the longest drive and Gary Canard won for the closest to the pin.  It was dark when they finished and the last few holes were played in the rain, but we were glad to have the rain. 

     Josh Ishmael and Kameron Humble won the 2-person scramble on Thursday, September 14th, with a score of 3 under par.  Kameron Humble won the prize for the closest to the pin and nobody won for the longest drive.

     The scrambles at the Earnie Fox Municipal Golf Club are starting at 5:30 now to allow more time before dark. 


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