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Brown arrested for making threats against city hall

Brown arrested for making threats against city hall

By R.L. Thompson

The Okemah Police Department filed a report regarding a bomb threat and threats on the lives of the city manager Kristy Lesley and city employees. The following is the police report on the threats that was obtained by the Okemah News Leader on Tuesday morning, October 3.

“On October 2nd 2023, I Assistant Chief Steve Williams received a call-in regard to someone making threats to blow up the Okemah City Hall. I received a statement from city worker Arlene Davis. Mrs. Davis sated she received a call from a water customer in regard to his water service being shutoff. Mrs. Davis stated the male subject later identified as Gary Brown told her that he was getting paid tomorrow (10-3-23) and would pay it then. Mrs. Davis advised him the due date to pay the water was 9-27-23.

 Mrs. Davis stated that Mr. Brown was getting louder and louder on the phone and she told him water would be turned back on after payment was made. Mrs. Davis stated that Mr. Brown demanding it to be turned on now or he would come down and blow-up city hall. Mrs. Davis stated she asked Mr. brown for his name so they would know who blew up city hall. Mrs. Davis stated that is when her co-worker Kimberly Bradshaw took the phone and began speaking with Mr. Brown.

 Mrs. Bradshaw stated that when she got on the phone the male told her it was Gary, and Mrs. Bradshaw has known Gary long enough to know it was Gary Brown. Mrs. Bradshaw stated that Mr. Brown was trying to negotiate the water service due to his father being elderly.

 I received additional information in regard to Mr. Brown making threatening statements. I spoke with an employee at Bensons Hardware identified as Wayne Bacon. Mr. Bacon stated that he has tried to help Mr. brown understand why he was dismissed from the city and was having a hard time with his termination. Mr. Bacon stated that Mr. Brown has threatened to shoot or kill Kristy Lesley and Davis Swayze.

 I went to 208 South 9th with Chief Patrick Williams and patrolman David McGehee and made contact with Gary Brown at his residence. Mr. Brown was placed under arrest and transported to Okemah Police Department for questioning. I performed a post Miranda interview with Mr. Brown.

 Mr. Brown stated that he did call city hall in regard to getting his water service restored. Mr. Brown stated he never said anything about blowing up the city hall. Mr. Brown stated that when the city council was to find out what has been going on it would all blow up. Mr. Brown stated that a lady that works for code enforcement was going to whip his ass. Mr. Brown stated he didn’t say anything else and hung up the phone.”

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