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By Billie Gail Fox

I haven’t been to the golf course much this week to pick up any tidbits.  However, on Sunday afternoon, November 12th, I saw Erica Strawn when she came into the clubhouse.  I got two big hugs from her because she said that we missed last week and made up for it on Sunday.

Risky Long is working hard at getting several areas cleaned up.  He is trying to clear things out on #1 by the fence where there are some bushes that have long stickers on them.  He thinks that he can get work done around two or three holes a week to improve the general appearance.  He has so much energy. 

It was good to see our president, Pat Vaughn, come in to check things out.  We visited about the long putts that we have been making lately and how we probably wouldn’t be making them if we were playing in a scramble.  Chuck and I have been having putting contests when I ride around with him and we come to a green.  I’ve rolled several in from 25 to 30 feet away.  I didn’t say that I won (because I didn’t), but I was happy to see my putts go in the holes.

People have been enjoying golfing in the great weather that we have been having and the greens have benefited from the weather, also.

Forecasts indicate that we will have similar weather for quite awhile.  So come on down and join us at the Earnie Fox Municipal Golf Club.   

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