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Sen. Garvin files bill to better protect schools against gun violence

Sen. Garvin files bill to better protect schools against gun violence

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senator Jessica Garvin, R–Duncan, has filed legislation to increase the state penalty for carrying an illegal firearm onto school property. Senate Bill 1254 changes the already illegal infraction from a misdemeanor to a felony offense, increases the fine to $2,500 and allows state prosecutors to seek up to a year in prison if the individual carrying the weapon is found guilty.

In response to increased gun violence in recent years, Garvin said her bill will better protect children, teachers, and others on school campuses across the state. She worked with school, law enforcement and public safety officials in drafting the measure.

“The horrific tragedy that rocked our state earlier this year at a Choctaw high school football game, along with other instances led to conversations with local officials to figure out how we can better protect our children and others on school campuses. While it’s already illegal to carry a firearm on school grounds, we determined the current state punishment is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Senate Bill 1254 will hopefully deter those who want to cause harm in our schools,” Garvin said. “I’m pro-Second Amendment and have voted continuously to uphold this right for Oklahomans. I’m also in strong favor of protecting the lives of children and others on our school campuses. This bill is about stopping this illegal activity and giving prosecutors the power to pursue more significant charges.”

Click here to read the proposed changes under SB 1254. The bill will be up for consideration when the legislative session convenes in February.

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  1. Tasha on December 26, 2023 at 10:13 am

    We have gun laws and the bad guys DON’T follow the rules!! So you really believe imposing a bigger fine is gonna make a sociopath stop and think to himself, no i better not shoot up my school or this game. You think they will care about a fine, but not human life

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