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One injured in Okfuskee County shooting

One injured in Okfuskee County shooting

By R.L. Thompson

According to an incident report filed at the Okfuskee County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Stumpf was dispatched to 107140 North 3830 Rd related to a party being shot at and one person being shot. The call came in the early morning hours at 12:36 a.m. on January 16.

When Deputy Stumpf arrived he found a white female identified as Billie Haws, conscious with what appeared to be two small caliber gunshot wounds to her left arm and one on the left side of her abdomen. Creek Nation EMS was called to scene. Officer Fisher of Muscogee Creek Nation Light Horse also responded and assisted with the investigation.

According to the incident report, there were a total of four gunshots that appeared to have struck the house, all on the west side.

The incident report states that at the time of the shooting, Brian Goodwin Jr had walked outside hearing what he knew to be Gregory Guinn’s truck.  As the vehicle passed by the home traveling northbound on 3830 Rd, Goodwin and Koltlyn Morehead were able to identify Guinn’s truck by a memorial sticker on the back window. The report states Goodwin said Guinn turned around as Goodwin walked from the door of his home into the yard. Goodwin heard Guinn yell out of his truck window an obscenity directed toward “Ethen and Brian.” Goodwin stated Guinn shot towards him, missing him by about three feet. Guinn fired four more shots sticking the west side of the house.  The report states there was five adults and one infant inside the home at the time of the shooting.

The incident report says that Goodwin recognized Guinn’s voice, his person and was able to describe the firearm that Guinn was holding. Guinn fled the scene following the shooting.

At this point, it was believed Guinn was a tribal citizen.  Later in the day, on January 16, it was discovered that Guinn is not a member of any Native American Tribe.

During the early morning hours on January 16, Muscogee Nation Light Horse was able to locate Guinn’s truck in the parking lot of his residence at 1001 South 9th Street in Okemah. They impounded Guinn’s truck pending the submittal of a search warrant. The truck was taken to Muscogee Nation Light Horse secure indoor holding in Okmulgee.

The incident report states that Guinn arrived at the Okfuskee County Sheriff’s office a little after noon on January 16 to be interviewed. Guinn admitted having been drinking alcohol during the evening stating he had 22 beers and several shots of whiskey. He admitted he had shot his .22 caliber pistol that he carries in his truck. He stated he did not remember a trip from a bar in Henryetta back to his residence, however, he did state in his written statement that he “hit a couple of dirt roads on the way home but not many”.

The incident report also includes a statement from Madison Main, Guinn’s girlfriend. She admitted that Guinn drove from Henryetta back home and shot his pistol. She stated that due to her small stature and the large size of Guinn’s truck, she is not able to see very well and therefore was not sure actually where they went.

Guinn agreed to allow the officers to search his truck. During the search, a .22 caliber Blueline pistol was located where Guinn said it would be. A loaded magazine was located in the center console containing five live rounds and two spent casings were located inside the vehicle.

According to ODCR, Gregory Dewayne Guinn was charged in District Court of Okfuskee County on January 18 with seven charges.

He was charged with the following: Count 1: Assault and battery with a deadly weapon; Counts 2-6: Use of a vehicle in discharge of a weapon; and Count 7: Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.  In addition to facing criminal charges, as of January 21, he owes $2,930.50 in court cost.

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