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“Through With Chew Week” Highlights the Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco

“Through With Chew Week” Highlights the Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco

 This year’s Through With Chew Week, Feb. 18-24, is dedicated to educating Oklahomans of the dangers smokeless tobacco, or “chew,” poses to users. Tobacco Stops With Me, a program of the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), encourages Oklahomans to avoid harmful tobacco products and advocates for a tobacco-free future. 

“Smokeless tobacco is often perceived as a healthier alternative to smoking, but it poses deadly risks to users,” said Julie Bisbee, TSET executive director. “We’ve seen firsthand the horrible effects tobacco can have on the lives of Oklahomans and offer them information and resources to live tobacco-free lives.”

Smokeless tobacco is even more addictive than cigarettes because it contains up to four times the nicotine found in cigarettes. Holding an average-size dip in the mouth for 30 minutes releases as much nicotine as smoking three cigarettes — two cans a week results in the same nicotine consumption as a pack-a-day smoker. Plus, smokeless tobacco contains at least 28 cancer-causing chemicals and can cause oral, pancreatic and esophageal cancer.

Ronnie Trentham was a former smokeless tobacco user who dedicated his life to speaking out against these harmful products after he was diagnosed with tobacco-related cancer. Ronnie was featured in testimonials for the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and Tobacco Stops With Me. His story inspired countless Oklahomans to quit tobacco and fight against its dangers. Although he lost his cancer battle in 2023, his message and inspiration live on. 

This Through With Chew Week, TSET encourages Oklahomans to raise awareness of the dangers of smokeless tobacco. Oklahomans who struggle with smokeless tobacco addiction can find support from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline by calling 1-800-QUIT NOW or visiting  

To create a healthier, tobacco-free future for our state, Oklahomans are encouraged to learn about these products’ harms, quit tobacco and stand up against the tobacco industry’s influence. To learn more about the harms of tobacco in our state, visit

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