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Assault with Dangerous weapon

Assault with Dangerous weapon

By R.L. Thompson

Assault with a dangerous weapon charge was filed in District Court in Okfuskee County on February 29 against Charlie Wilcox of Cordell, Oklahoma.

The affidavit was filed in this case on February 27 by Okemah Police Officer Earnest Jordan. The affidavit states Officer Jordan was dispatched to Stress Relief located at 114 West Broadway in Okemah around 2:55 p.m. on Monday, February 26 regarding an attempted armed robbery.

When Officer Jordan arrived, he met with the manager, Jana Stolins, who according to the affidavit, explained that a man came into her store and demanded they give him marijuana. Stolins said the man pulled a knife and told the clerk he was schizophrenic and “she didn’t want him to start hurting people.” The clerk told the man that she could not help him and to leave.

The manager provided a picture of the suspect from the security footage in the store. Officer Jordan put out a bolo (be on the lookout) notice to local law enforcement.

According to the affidavit, at approximately 4:00 p.m. dispatch received a call from a male on Interstate 40 wanting the law to give him a ride. Dispatch confirmed the man’s identity by what he was wearing and then advised that the individual matches the description of Charlie Wilcox, the armed robbery suspect.

Okfuskee County Sheriff Deputy Ray Barrett requested Officer Jordan to follow him to the location for backup. The affidavit states Officer Jordan exited his vehicle and covered Deputy Barrett while Wilcox was taken into custody. A silver and black fixed blade knife was found on Willcox according to the affidavit. Officer Jordan explained to Wilcox why he was under arrest and Wilcox stated “he never even went into town.”

Associate District Judge Maxey Reilly set bond for Wilcox on February 28. The total bond was $100,000 with $50,000 for armed robbery and $50,000 for assault on a police officer. Wilcox’s initial appearance occurred on February 29 and the pre-conference hearing is scheduled for March 7.

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