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  1. Tasha Orr on December 14, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Dear Santa,
    Mrs. Orr’s kindergarten class has been so good this year! They would really love to receive a special gift. Cole- Air Hogs Thunder Trax, Kinley- a Princess Poppy troll doll, Johnny- a puppy, Grant- PS4, Jace- go cart, Jorjie- an American Girl Doll, Braxton- remote control car, Allison- a cat, Darrius- a dog, Madelyn- Barbies, Cooper- xbox & tv, Paytn- Barbies, Bryce- xbox & tv, Lexi- a computer, Bryce- an ipad, Rhylee- a Barbie, Jadyn- Lea an American Girl Doll, Kylie- a princess doll, Nathan- a remote control monster truck, Aashalla- a puppy and Jahmar- a tablet
    Thank you Santa!!!!!!

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