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Danker to stay City Manager … for now

By Kay Thompson
ONL Publisher

During the City Council meeting held on Monday, November 26, the members of the city council had a discussion about the city manager situation.

Currently, Dustin Danker is acting as interim city manager. He was hired shortly after Bert Robison was fired in September 2018. Councilman Anthony Landers had requested the city manager position be put on the next agenda so the council could have an open discussion on how to move forward.

Vice Mayor Wayne Bacon spoke first saying that he didn’t know where the citizens that were wanting to change the government were at in their process. He went on to say that it might be hard to get someone to take the job, having to possibly move here if that position could be short-lived. He added that he was happy with the way things were going right now with Danker as interim.

Landers spoke next building on what Bacon said. He stated that he, too, was extremely happy with the way things are going and pointed out that the city is still paying the previous city manager’s salary for three more months. He ended by saying that he was not energetic about jumping out and starting a search.

Mayor Mike Fuller was the next to comment. Fuller said he felt like things were running very smoothly and he was pleased with Danker’s performance. He also agreed with Bacon about it being hard to find someone to take the job with the possible change in government looming.

Loren Aldridge gave his opinion next. He praised Danker saying that the city was headed in the right direction with Danker and that Danker handles everything with professionalism and makes and effort to learn how to handle things.

Last to speak was Ronnie Lucas. Lucas’ comments mirrored the rest of the council’s, adding that it would be hard to get someone to relocate here and to leave everything as is until the possible change goes to a vote or not.

Fuller then ended the discussion by saying, “well that’s enough of the Dustin shout out hour.”

Danker than gave his update during city managers comments. The cemetery had been broken into and several weed eaters, a blower, computer and phone equipment had been stolen. He told the council that he was getting quotes for an alarm and camera system. He also gave a short update on the Hot and Cold Water Towers.

There was some discussion about who was responsible for the demolition of the old towers and the installation of the new towers. Fuller stated that it was the “Save the Water Towers” group’s responsibility to tear them down and erect the new ones. Landers stated he didn’t think that was correct since it is on city property.

Danker said that is what Chairman Willard White had also told him. Fuller wanted Danker to have White present at the next meeting so they could discuss every party’s responsibilities.

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