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Okemah Hall updates progress

Okemah Hall updates progress

City Manager Dustin Danker took a few minutes from his busy schedule on Monday morning to talk to the Okemah News Leader concerning several areas of improvements around Okemah.  One of the key areas for Okemah is economic development. Much of the business world is now traveling by air even into small communities. Danker has worked with the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission to continue to develop the Okemah airport. The city is in the planning phase of repairs and maintenance for the Okemah airport. This is being funded by a grant of $300,000 from the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

Danker also reported the city is moving forward in building the loading docks on the Industrial Building. When the building was originally constructed there was no need for loading docks. Prefab housing was the first occupant of the building. That is no longer the case. Loading docks are necessary to help improve not only the building, but also the profitability and productiveness of the business.
The final two subjects of the update indicate progress on two long talked about areas in Okemah. First AO Inc has been awarded the bid to rebuild the Hot and Cold Water Towers. The Hot and Cold Water Water Towers have long been a topic of discussion in Okemah. The work should start around October 18.

Okemah purchased property some time ago to expand the Okemah Cemetery. Mayor Fuller has donated his time and equipment to help with the clearing of the land. Danker reports the clearing of the land and the surveying is continuing to make progress.

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