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Grinch hits local non-profit group

Grinch hits local non-profit group
By Ken Childers
ONL Editor
The Okemah Garden Club has reported the theft of electronic timers that had been recently installed to control Christmas lights on display in the Woody Guthrie Park.
According to club president Cheri Lassiter, the theft occurred some time between Saturday, Dec. 7 and  Tuesday, Dec. 10, most likely during the nighttime hours.
“It probably happened during the night, because the lights were unplugged from the timers, then plugged straight into the outlet,” Lassiter said. “By doing it that way, whoever took them probably didn’t think we would notice the timers were gone.” Lassiter said the theft was reported to the Okemah Police Department.
Lassiter said this is not the first time the club has been the victim of thievery. “During the summer, someone took several plants that we had just planted around the trees in the park,” she said.
The non-profit garden club, in addition to maintaining the downtown park, provides potted plants that are located throughout the downtown district. The club contributes to the Okemah community by staging shows and workshops aimed at guiding its members and has received multiple honors for its various projects, including awards for youth and community projects. In 2018, the club received a “Plant America” award from the National Garden Club.

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