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Two in custody after alleged break-in attempt

Two in custody after alleged break-in attempt
By Ken Childers
ONL Editor
Two men are in custody after they allegedly tried to break into a local couple’s home early Saturday morning.
Åverie Deere, 27, and Johnas Holahta, 19, were both taken into custody after James and Rebecca Williams reported that someone had tried to break into their home on South 3rd Street in Okemah.
Shortly after the incident, Rebecca Williams took to social media and posted pictures that were captured from surveillance cameras on the property.
“They busted in our door at the house on south 3rd street this morning at about 5:00am. Once again, the alarm scared them off but they damaged our antique door. Second person was pigeon-toed, wore low converse, had ethnic hair that hung over forehead. 1st guy had on white hoodie with black Nike swish on front. Looked like a pickup truck dropped them off,” she posted.
Okemah Police Chief Ed Smith said the pair are suspects in additional burglaries in the area.
According to court records, Deere has had multiple run-ins with the law and has served time in prison. His past charges include possession of a stolen vehicle after former conviction of felony (AFCF), two counts of burglary in the second degree AFCF, knowingly concealing stolen property AFCF, malicious injury to property, obstructing an officer, resisting an officer, public intoxication and transporting an open bottle or container of liquor.
Records also indicate Deere was previously charged with domestic assault and battery and a felony drug possession charge. No previous criminal records were listed for Holahta.

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