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SSC Board of Regents Appoint New Chair and Approve Sports Complex Agreement

SSC Board of Regents Appoint New Chair and  Approve Sports Complex Agreement


The Seminole State College Board of Regents held a special meeting on Sept. 7 to review a policy regarding the election of officers and a lease-purchase agreement with the SSC Educational Foundation for the use of the Brian Crawford Memorial Sports Complex.

 In July, the Board tabled its election of officers due to Board policy requirement that restricted the position of Chair to a person who had served on the Board of Regents for three years. As practiced in the past, the Board has elected the Regent beginning the final year of his or her term as Chair. Since Regent Ryan Pitts was appointed to fill a vacancy less than three years ago, the Board was hesitant to proceed with the election of officers until they consulted with legal counsel.

Based on their discussion and consultation with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, the Board approved an update to the policy and held an election of officers. Ryan Pitts will serve as Chair, Kim Hyden as Vice Chair and Bryan Cain as Secretary.

Next the Board approved a revised lease-purchase agreement with the SSC Educational Foundation for the College’s use of the BCM Sports Complex. Foundation Chair Lance Wortham and Vice Chair Mark Schell attended the meeting and presented on the completion of the complex, its operations, and the facility’s impact on the local economy. The complex drew large crowds to Seminole through youth sports and high school tournaments over the summer. The Foundation is still fundraising to complete additional landscaping work. At the meeting, it was announced the BCM Sports Complex will host a grand opening on Oct. 20 from 3 to 6 p.m. The event will feature baseball and soccer exhibition games, as well as food and a ribbon cutting at 3:15 p.m. The event is open to the public.

Both the SSC Board of Regents and the SSC Educational Foundation approved an agreement in January of 2018 that needed to be updated with the change in scope of the number of fields and related activities with the construction project. The new agreement does not change or increase any payments or responsibilities but clarifies that the College is leasing for purchase the two main baseball fields and a soccer field.

Board members present at the meeting were Chair Ryan Pitts, Bryan Cain, Kim Hyden, Curtis Morgan and Robyn Ready. The Board will reconvene on Oct. 20 for their next meeting.

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