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Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West: ‘Afghanistan will go down as the greatest debacle in United States military history’

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West: ‘Afghanistan will go

down as the greatest debacle in United States military history’

by John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON DC, MAY 26 — President Biden’s abrupt, mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan in September of 2021 — just eight months after he assumed the presidency — continues to have a dire, negative and dangerous impact on U.S. military recruitment. In a recent interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens and host of the AMAC Better For America podcast, combat veteran and former Congressman, retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West, also pointed out that to this day it is impacting the retention of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. “What happened in Afghanistan will go down as the greatest debacle in United States military history,” he said. “They see a senior level military leadership and civilian leadership that is not concerned about their safety and well-being.”


Making matters worse, Allen noted that the Biden administration made it compulsory for our military forces to submit to covid shots against their will during the pandemic. “One of the things that they teach you in the military is that you do not have to follow any order that is unlawful, immoral, unethical and, in this case, even unconstitutional.” He pointed out there were issues, particularly among airmen, that the vaccine could cause a sudden blackout.

And now the “woke” movement is having a negative impact on recruitment efforts with a focus on issues such as “gender dysphoria, which is a mental condition. When I was a commander, I put troops out because they were overweight or because they had flat feet, they couldn’t run fast enough, things of that nature. And now we’re saying that people who are confused about whether or not they are male or female should be serving in the United States military. And, oh, by the way, we’re going to accommodate these delusions. We’re going to use taxpayer dollars to give them hormonal therapies and what have you. We have a Secretary of Defense who sent out a memo saying that female troops had to get used to having biological males in their shower and latrine facilities. This is absurd. The people that are really laughing at us and paying attention is China, because they’re our number one geopolitical foe and their military is supposed to focus on one thing, defeating us while we are focused on implementing a progressive, socialist, leftist ideological agenda.”

On the issue of the Mexican border crisis, Allen said that “the sovereignty of the United States of America has been undermined as the state of Texas is being overrun. When you look at the Constitution, Article four, Section four, the guarantee clause, the federal government is supposed to guarantee that every state in the union has protection from invasion. We’ve seen five, six, seven million people illegally entering the United States, mainly through Texas last week. That’s absolutely appalling; it’s disconcerting. And there are more who are stacked up just waiting to come across. Our Constitution says the government is supposed to repel invaders. But no one is turning these people back; instead, we allow them here. While our homeless veterans are being treated as second-class, third-class citizens. No one’s giving them free cell phones. No one’s putting them up in hotels. As a matter of fact, they’re being kicked out of a lot of facilities to accommodate these illegal immigrants.”

Allen said the border crisis “is affecting the entire country. We cannot exist as a constitutional republic if we don’t protect our own borders. Then you just become a piece of land between Mexico and Canada and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. And that’s not what the United States of America is. We have a border to defend, but we’re not doing that right now. And we have a complicit media that will not tell the story about it. I was watching 60 Minutes and they were basically talking about how some of these illegal mothers are spending Mother’s Day. Well, there are mothers in the U.S. who have lost their children because of illegal immigrants, because of the fentanyl crisis that we see happening. And we have children that are being affected by sexual exploitation. We have got to wake up as a country and we have got to understand what the truth is.”

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