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PSO Update: Severe Weather – June 2023 June 24, 2023 – 8 p.m.

PSO Update: Severe Weather – June 2023 June 24, 2023 – 8 p.m.
Storm Response Update 14

Approximately 6,000 customers (3%) remain without power and approximately 198,000 customers have been restored. If you are still without power, please know we will not stop working until all customers are restored.

For the customers still without power, we are working to process outages tickets with an estimated time of restoration posted on the outage map.

Many customers remaining without power have localized damage, including access constraints, property damage or more recent damage.

Customers can view real-time outage and restoration information by visiting

The reconnect orders are being completed safely and as quickly as possible. Any reconnection orders received before noon of the current day should be completed by the end of the next day.

Crews are primarily working in small, localized areas of extensive damage and additional outages and areas of damage continue to be reported. Every ticket is being assigned to a crew and we will continue to make repairs until all power outages have been restored.

• Any customers who could not accept electricity because of damaged weather heads and have had those problems repaired by a qualified electrician should also call PSO’s Customer Operations Center at (833-776-7697 or 833-PSO- POWR) to request a reconnect.

PSO would also like to thank all customers for your patience and understanding while utility crews work to restore your power.

Online Resources

• Outage FAQs
• PSO process for how we restore power • Outage map

Safety Messages


If the storm damaged the weatherhead connection on your home:


A licensed electrician must repair this equipment before your power can be


restored. Contact PSO once repairs are made. The City of Tulsa has waived


permitting costs.

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  • Please consider any downed power lines energized and dangerous. Please stay at least 10 feet away while keeping children and pets away. You can report a downed line by calling 1-833-766-6884 (1-833-PSO-OUTG).
  • Please do not approach crews who are working to restore power. Their focus must continue to be to work safely without interruption.


  • PSO has received reports of scammers calling customers asking for money to restore power. If you receive this type of call, hang up and report it at

    Generator Safety

    • If you use a generator, please follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Do not operate the unit indoors. Connect appliances directly to the generator’s electric outlet, not to the main electrical panel of your home or business.

• Before you evacuate your house please disconnect (open) your home’s main electrical breaker after you turn off the generator. This will eliminate any possibility of the generator feeding power back into PSO’s electric system.

Report and Track Outages

  • Visit or call 1-833-776-6884 (1-833-PSO- OUTG) to report an outage, safety hazard like a downed wires, downed poles or trees that have fallen on power lines.
  • Use the mobile app, available for download via the App Store or Google Play, to report an outage, check outage status, view and pay your bill, manage your account, and more.
  • Visit to find detailed information without logging into your account.
  • Sign up for text and email updates, including estimated time of restoration, at Follow @PSOklahoma on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor for additional updates.
  • If you have questions related to your PSO power, call 1-833-776-7697 (1-833- PSO-POWR) or visit our website at

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