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October Allocation of Alcoholic Beverage Tax

October Allocation of Alcoholic Beverage Tax

The Board of Okfuskee County Commissioners approved the monthly distribution of the allocation of alcoholic beverage tax totaling $10,730.25 for the cities and towns in Okfuskee County during the November 13 meeting. The distribution is authorized by Title 37A-5-104 regarding the distribution of excise tax revenue collected on alcoholic beverages in the state. Two-Thirds of 97 percent collected goes into the state general revenue fund that allocates no more than $350,000 to the Oklahoma Viticulture and Enology Center Development revolving fund.

One-third of 97 percent is allocated to the counties and paid to county treasurers on the basis of area and population where the sale of alcoholic beverages is lawful. The funds shall be appropriated by the county commissioners of each county and apportioned by the county treasurer to all incorporated cities and towns in the county on the basis of population within each city and town on a per capita basis based on the last preceding Federal Decennial Census.

The remaining three percent (3%) of such excise tax revenue shall be paid to the State Treasurer and placed to the credit of the Oklahoma Tax Commission Fund to be paid out of the fund pursuant to appropriations made by the State Legislature. The allocation is as follows: Bearden, $250.01; Boley, $2,020.49; Castle, $312.98; Clearview, $75.93; IXL, $109.27; Okemah, $5,692.92; Paden, $775.97 and Weleetka, $1,492.68.

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