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Oklahoma Remains Top State for Veterans

Oklahoma Remains Top State for Veterans

(OKLAHOMA CITY) – The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA) is excited to announce that Oklahoma has achieved the ranking of number ONE amongst the 50 states for veterans in a new category.

The Annual Benefits Report for Fiscal Year 2022 published by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs indicates that Oklahoma Veterans in receipt of disability compensation or pension benefits are compensated at the nation’s highest average rate of $8,593 per year. This is more than $450 per year more than the nearest ranked state. The states of North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, and Georgia round out the top 5 in this category.

While the Annual Benefits Report for Fiscal Year 2021 listed Oklahoma as first amongst the 50 states for Veterans per-capita in receipt of disability compensation and pension benefits, the same report shows that Oklahoma has slipped to second by the narrowest of margins in that category in Fiscal Year 2022. With 36.9% of veterans in receipt of disability benefits, Oklahoma is now a very close second by a mere two-tenths of a percent behind first place Nebraska whose rate of participating veterans is 37.1%.

“I am so proud of Oklahoma veterans. Together, for the second year in a row, we have achieved a number ONE in a matter of great importance not only for veterans specifically, but for the entire State of Oklahoma,” said Joel Kintsel, Executive Director, Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs .

Out of approximately 290,000 Oklahoma veterans, there are over 104,000 veterans with some level of service-connected disability. Service-connected disability means that the federal VA has established that a veteran has a compensable injury or medical condition resulting from military service. For the 104,000 service-connected, disabled Oklahoma veterans, this reflects over $2.2 billion provided directly to the individual veterans.

It is estimated that more than half of the Oklahoma veterans who may be eligible for compensation for injuries and/or medical conditions arising from military service have not yet applied. Oklahoma veterans who need assistance with filing a claim for service-connected disability are invited to call or visit on-line: (405) 523-4000;


About ODVA

The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs provides resources and services to military veterans residing in the state of Oklahoma including assistance with state and federal veterans’ benefits, disability claims, burial and survivor benefits, healthcare, employment, education, suicide prevention, entrepreneurship and veteran-owned businesses, women veteran services and veterans in agriculture. ODVA also operates seven long-term care facilities throughout Oklahoma. To learn more, visit

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