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Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs Historic School Choice Legislation

Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs Historic School Choice Legislation

All Oklahoma families eligible for Private School and Homeschool Tax Credits

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today Governor Kevin Stitt signed a historic school choice bill into law. House Bill 1934 makes a tax credit of at least $5,000 available for every family with a school-aged child, with the credit eligible to help offset private school tuition. The credit for private school tuition increases to $7,500 per child in households making less than $75,000 annually. Additionally, parents of homeschool students can claim a $1,000 tax credit per child for online curricula, tutoring, instructional materials, and other qualified expenses. The tax credits will be available starting in January 2024.

HB 1934 is part of a larger education package that includes $500 million for teacher pay raises and other benefits, $150 million for school safety, $125 million for rural and charter schools, and $10 million to improve reading outcomes.

American Federation for Children-Oklahoma Senior Advisor Jennifer Carter, released the following statement following the bill signing ceremony:

House Bill 1934 will help every child in every family find the school that best suits their unique needs. At the same time, it will help improve student outcomes and the academic quality of all Oklahoma schools by injecting more choice and competition into our education landscape. This is a great day for families and students, and we are thankful for the leadership and courage demonstrated by our elected officials in delivering this wonderful outcome. Congratulations to Gov. Stitt and Oklahoma lawmakers for this historic achievement.”

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