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                                             By Billie Gail Fox 

     On Saturday, August 1st, our granddaughter, Hayden Benge, came down from Tulsa with her boyfriend, Jacob Hinchey.  Three other people came from Bristow to meet them: Noah Nollner, Colby Parker and Samuel Jones.  Noah is a childhood friend of Hayden and Jacob.  Hayden wasn’t planning to play golf, so she didn’t bring her clubs, but Earnie equipped her with golf clubs and she set off to play with the rest of the group.  They had a good time, but Hayden and Jacob had to leave after 9 holes because they had played so slowly and Hayden had an appointment back in Tulsa.  It’s always wonderful to see our granddaughter and nice to have her and her friends play golf at Okemah.

     On Sunday, August 2nd, two of our regulars, Rod Barcenas and Fran Van Straton, went out to play in the sunshine.  All at once, it started raining fairly hard, but Fran and Rod just kept on playing, which was fine since there was no thunder or lightning.  

     People just kept coming in and paying and said that they didn’t think that the rain would last.  Sure enough, before long, the sun was shining again and the course was full of people.

     I visited with Ted Smith before his game on Sunday.  His dad was an English teacher and superintendent.  I was an English teacher, so we had something to talk about.  He said that he still thinks about how to say things correctly when he talks.  He is a nice man.

     28 players showed up for the 2-person scramble on Thursday, July 30th.  Loren Aldridge and Clayton Griggs won the scramble with a score of 4 under par.  Loren Aldridge also got the prize for the closest to the pin and Matt Siemens won for the longest drive.

     On Monday, August 3rd, 48 people participated in the 4-person scramble.  There was a tie for the win between two teams with scores of 6 under par.  After a chip-off, the team of Randall Hicks, Derek Fife, Sam Marshall and James Factor were declared the winners over the team of Travis Scott, Aaron Jarvis, Steven Kanson and Sharee Scott.  Krystal DeArmond won the prize for the longest drive and John Powell received the prize for the closest to the pin.

     To brighten your day, join us at the Okemah Golf Course.     


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