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                                              By Billie Gail Fox

     On Sunday, August 28th, there was a birthday party in the dining room for Aydan Williams who was turning 4 years old.  Spiderman decorations were all over the room.  From all the games that were set up, it looked as though they were going to have a lot of fun. 

     Logan Daily came into the clubhouse to pay on Sunday.  Ryan Winters was going to play with him and they were later joined by John Hendrix.  I couldn’t read that last name for a certainty, but I think that it was Hendrix. 

     On hole #9, the sprinklers came on as a group was getting ready to putt.  The little boy with them seemed to enjoy running through the water and it didn’t seem to bother the adults, either. 

     Kevin Evans also came to play golf on Sunday, but he said that his buddy, Kevin Brill, wasn’t coming because someone had stolen the hitch off the back of his pickup and he was tending to that problem.  Kevin Evans said. “I beat him every week and I told him that he needed a better excuse than that.”  However, in a few minutes, Kevin Brill came in and went to join Kevin Evans.  A little birdie must have told him what Kevin Evans had said about beating him.

     Erica Strawn also came in.  She had Kane Putman with her and said that her son, Colten Strawn, was on his way.  She paid for everybody.  Erin Putman didn’t come in, but they were all going to play golf. 

     On Monday, August 29th, Brandon Hubbard came in after his first round of golf and was getting ready to go back out to play another round when he got a call to head toward Tulsa.  Brandon is a weather tracker for FOX 23 NEWS.  He follows storms and reports how they look from the ground.  He said that this line of thunderstorms seemed to be going southeast (mostly east).  I don’t know what direction it came from, but we got .2 of an inch of rain at the golf course.  However, we could use a lot more.

     24 players participated in the 2-person scramble on Thursday, August 25th.  Chuck Johnson and Earnie Fox won the scramble with a score of 5 under par.  Derek Fife won the prize for the longest drive and Erin Putman won for the closest to the pin.

      In spite of the rain, enough people showed up to have the 4-person scramble on Monday, August 29th.  Chuck Johnson, Earnie Fox, Nokey Klutts and Leon McVeigh won with a score of 7 under par.  Mike Ishmael took the prize for the longest drive and Leon McVeigh won for the closest to the pin.

     I hope to see you at the Okemah Golf Course.

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