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                                             By Billie Gail Fox

     Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

     On Monday, November 7th, we had a fairly normal day.  Larry was washing golf balls and Earnie was putting the cover on his cart for the winter.

     On Sunday, November 13th, two players met at Okemah to play golf. (I missed their names.) One was from Oklahoma City and one was from Tahlequah, so this was a good half-way point for them. 

     We actually had a full golf course on Sunday.  It was strange to see people playing golf with their coats on.

     Our perpetually arguing guys came in on Monday, November 14th.  Kevin Hayes was waitin in the clubhouse.  Kevin Brill came in saying, “What do you say, Fruitcake?”  Kevin Hayes replied, “I’m gonna go beat you bad.”

     On Wednesday, November 16th, it actually got to 47 degrees, so Earnie and Chuck got to play a round of golf.

     Snow on days of the month when it is usually 60 degrees is a rarity.  However. snow covered the ground and did add a little moisture to the course.  I would like to see those 60 degree days again.

     After a 20 degree morning. Earnie got to the golf course at noon on Sunday, November 20th.  Four people were waiting to rent carts and pay green fees.  They had almost given up.

     Whatever the weather, join us at the Earnie Fox Municipal Golf Club. 


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