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                                 By Billie Gail Fox

     We have had several good rains lately, but we are still behind our average.  We could use some more rain on the golf course.

     Saturday, February 11th was warm and golfers came out to play.  On Sunday, the 12th, people came out after church and before the Super Bowl to get in a game of golf.

     Dennis Bible came in on Monday, February 13th, and said that he was going out to play with John Avey for a few holes.  When John came into the clubhouse, he discussed the greens and mowers with Earnie.  Then he headed home for lunch because he said that it had been a long time since breakfast.  It is always a pleasure to see John.

     Nokey Klutts and Larry Holden went to Tulsa on Monday to pick up a door for the shop and take a greens mower to see about getting it fixed.

     On the 14th, Valentine’s Day, the wind was so strong that it nearly blew us away.  I had trouble keeping my feet on the ground.  I’ve already been picked up by the wind once and I don’t want that flying experience again.

     On Sunday, February 19th, the dining room was the scene of an 80th birthday party for Pat Boatman.  Her family had prepared lots of good food and decked her out in a crown and sash.  She looked wonderful.  It was obvious how much her family loves her.  She is still limping from her hip surgery, but expects to be using her pivoting hip socket on the golf course before long,  Pat, we are so glad to have you and Bob as members of the golf club. I also enjoyed visiting with your family.  Many members of the family were on the golf course as soon as they finished eating.  

     It was a nice, warm day and lots of other people came to play. too.  The golf course looked like a happy beehive.

     A musician from Memphis, Tennessee, stopped by the golf course on Monday, February 20th.  He was on his way way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to meet someone and thought that he had a couple of hours to spare, so he stopped in Okemah and played 9 holes of golf.

     As always, we look forward to seeing you at the Earnie Fox Municipal Golf Club.

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