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                                             By Billie Gail Fox

     When I sent the column to the Newsleader last week, I accidentally clicked on a column that had run before and it ran again.  I didn’t realize my mistake until the paper came out.  So, I am trying to send last week’s column this week.

     When I went to take Earnie his lunch on Tuesday, February 21st, two guys from Shawnee were there.  They were about to give up on anyone taking their money, so they were really glad to see me.  I got them all set up with a cart and then Earnie came in from picking up range balls.

     Carney Roberts came in.  He was walking very slowly.  He said that he was walking with his dog earlier and the dog got tired of going so slow and went on home without him.

     The high school teams from Weleetka, Dustin-Graham and Okemah were all practicing on Tuesday.  We are glad to have them out working on their golf skills.

     On Friday, February 24th, our up and down weather was down again.  The sky was so gloomy that I couldn’t even enjoy Gin Rummy.

     Patricia Vaughn. our president’s wife, is recovering from hip surgery.  Larry Holden delivered a plant to her from the golf club.  He said that she was cheerful and seemed to be doing well.  I saw her husband, Pat, today (March 20th) and he said that she was just worried about getting back to her church activities.  Patricia, we hope that you are out and about before long.

     On Sunday, February 26th, I got hugs from Erin Putman and Erica Strawn.  Erica really knows how to dress for a cold day on the golf course.  She had on two stocking caps, a hoodie, another jacket, and layers on her legs.  She also takes a quilt to roll up in.  Now that’s a smart lady.

     The course was going to be closed on Monday, February 26th, for spraying, but instead, it was closed due to the fact that it looked like one big lake after the storm on Sunday night.  However, workers did get to spray on Tuesday.  That water sank in quickly.

     On Friday, March 4th, Chuck Dwiggins came in to tell Earnie that one of our longtime members, Ivan Thomas, had passed away.  He also asked about selling Ivan’s gas golf cart.  We were sorry to hear about Ivan.

     Risky Long walked his 18 holes as usual on Saturday, March 5th.  He gets exercise and fun at the same time.

     On Monday, the 7th, Charlie Sherrard came in.  From the time that he and his wife Rosa married, they lived in Atoka, but they have moved out by Cromwell where their daughter, Amy Jones, lives.  He joined the golf club while I was there.  We are glad to have you as a member, Charlie.

     Weleetka’s high school golf team was also at the course practicing on Monday.

     On Sunday, March 12th, Evan Marshall, who worked at the course in the summer a year or two ago, came in to pay to play.  He has gotten so tall that I almost didn’t know him.  He is attending the Creek Nation College in Okmulgee.  It was good to see you, Evan.

     We got a call that the water would be off for several hours.  Erica Strawn came in and said that her daughter was cleaning up from lunch and called her to say, “Mom, we have no water pressure and I don’t know why.”

     No running water didn’t bother the group of young men from Henryetta who went out to play.  

     On Monday, March 13th, Larry Holden and Mike Ishmael went to Kansas and picked up six new carts for the golf course.  Now we should have plenty of carts for tournaments and scrambles.

     On Tuesday, March 14th, I went down to ride around with with my grandson, Chuck Johnson, and watch him play.  The weather was pleasant and I enjoyed being out on the course.  

     The course was closed for several days for top-dressing the greens.  On Sunday afternoon, March 29th, the greens were swept and then sanded.  We should be ready to start the scrambles during the early part of April.

    Once again, we had a lot of rain and the course was like a lake for a couple of days.  Then on Sunday, March 25th, the course was very busy because everyone wanted to be out in thr nice weather.

     Join us at the Earnie Fox Municipal Golf Club. 

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